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Here’s John Mayer playing Continuum in almost it’s entirety, save a few songs and out of order, 4 months before it was released. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

3rd first day of college tomorrow. Still haven’t found any sort of groove in 3 years. But maybe this is the year. Nervous as per usual when not in my house or doing something out of the ordinary. New campus I have class at so completely new environment. Felt like a prison the way no one was outside but you could feel people inside. Well I should have been asleep awhile ago now I’m listening to John Mayer’s “Paradise Valley” hoping the smooth folk feel will help me feel my way through whatever. If you’ve read this far thank you and here is a sweet lyric I just thought of as a token of my appreciation for you reading this. So again thank you.

My heart is beating fast,
But maybe it’s getting ready for love.
Perhaps it will find its way to me,
Cuz I’ve been waiting to see something I’ve only heard of.

John Mayer is back

I traveled 4 hours from Atlanta to Tuscaloosa to see the show. It was great, he played mostly born and raised stuff which is understandable as its his latest album and hasn’t been able to play it live. He dusted off 2 songs from room for squares, 3 from continuum, and 1 from battle studies. He also did three covers, a grooved up version of muddy waters I got my mojo workin, can’t find my way home by blind faith and a version of woody guthrie’s going down this road feeling bad. His vocal chords still aren’t quite fully repaired. When he played why Georgia he asked the crowd “I’m gonna need your help on this one because my voice isn’t where it’ll be in July so thank you” also the chorus to vultures he went an octave lower on the chorus which is really what makes that song pop but oh well. As a guitar player I saw the basic riffs in solos. He dusted off 3 old riffs I hadn’t seen from him in a while and 4 new riffs that made me make my guitar face.

Overall great show, if you have tickets, and are a true fan of the new album and the direction it’s going you’ll love what he has in store.

The rule was, write songs, just write em’. And don’t worry if they’re good or bad while you write them. If I was going to have a songwriting class, the first day would be 15 mins long. I’d say “write me a song as bad as you can make it.” And you would see a lot of people not coming in for that next class, cuz they’d be too afraid to write the bad song. You gotta start from 0. If you start writing bad songs you start writing better songs and then you start getting really good. If you try to get in the building on the 12th floor you’ll never make it. You have to get in the basement floor and work up from there.
John Mayer