From Episode 109 - Jaime Lannister’s Hand.

Length - 12:51.

Dan, Jeff, Spencer and Kumail talk about a new bit Rob Schrab is doing on Twitter. It’s called Schrabing, and kids all over the country are doing it.

Every week I think the latest episode is one of the best, but this one legitimately is!

My thoughts on music

So I have a pretty stagnant music taste. I have a tight rotation of old stuff I like with new stuff thrown in. The usual suspects: John Mayer, Gary Clark Jr. Otis Redding, The Weeknd, and Hendrix. Lately lately the new stuff has been Hozier, David Ryan Harris, Eric Clapton, Allen Stone, and George Harrison. 

Ok so now you know where I’m at musically speaking, I don’t really listen to much new stuff so I went on billboard to see what the kids are listening to these days. Let’s go down the top 10 from the hot 100:

1. Magic! - “Rude” is just a good, earworm, pop song. I really enjoy this for the sound. Sounds like a song of Bruno Mars from his last album at parts, but I loved Bruno Mars’ album. Also nice to hear some reggae getting some play again. 

2. Iggy Azalea - “Fancy” I’m not really a fan of her vocal qualities Kumail Nanjiani put it best when he tweeted, “Iggy Azalea sounds like an alien trying to sound like a white person trying to sound like a black person.” And I really don’t like how the chorus is sung.

3. Sam Smith - “Stay With Me” Good arrangement, talented singer. But that big chorus, which is obviously very good, is just Tom Petty’s “Won’t Back Down” so I i’m not super high on it.

4. Ariana Grande - “Problem” This song reminds me of that song “1 Thing” by Amerie and the chorus reminds me of “The Whisper Song” by The Ying Yang twins, horn line sounds like something from space jam.

5. Nico and vinz - “Am I Wrong”  an OK pop song but it really sounds like this is a song left off of an Akon album 10 years ago.

6. John Legend - “All Of Me” Great song I really liked it when it came out last August songs stay on the charts a bit long for me especially if they aren’t singles right when the album comes out. But oh well John Legend can pretty much do no wrong to my ears.

7. Maroon 5 - “Maps” beginning sounds like any other of their songs, nice simple guitar from James Valentine and nice trebbley Adam Levine melodies. But then, the producer said fuck that and decided to turn it into any other dance song. It does it’s purpose has a beat and beats you over the head with it.

8. Jason Derulo - “Wiggle” I don’t know what to tell you, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I heard it a bunch from vines it’s a good enough chorus but the pauses before it are too much and the verses aren’t my cup of tea.

9. Disclosure - “Latch” Sam Smith putting some nice falsetto on the chorus of this electropop club record. Again not really my favorite type of music I can understand and appreciate it , but I find it hare to really get into it.

10. Calvin Harris - “Summer” see #9 minus Sam Smith.

So looking at this I discover my distain for current music is on par with and 87 year old person. I’ve heard a lot of stuff in my life and this just isn’t for me.

Some songs i skimmed through that I enjoyed

Vance Joy- “Riptide” nice folk song

Tove Lo- “Stay High (Habits Remix)” nice beat on sparse melodies

OneRepublic - “Love Runs Out” very anthemic

Meghan Trainor - “All About That Bass” earworm for a songs that say bass a lot the bass line keeps up, another underlayed reggae song. Good song and I’m all about it.